Germany Considering Invading Poland For One Last Time

BERLIN - Germany - After the tragic death of most of Poland's leaders in a plane crash, the German defence minister, Franz Josef, said that he was considering invading Poland one last time, to "take advantage of Poland's moment of weakness".

The invasion of Poland by the Germans could free up much needed Lebensraum, and increase the productivity of the recession laden German economy.

“Now is the time to strike. They are weak and in disarray, if we invade now we will walk into Poland once again as heroes expanding the Großdeutschland. I have already ordered the Luftwaffe to be on standby,” the defence minister said on Monday.

All across Germany there were rallies in support of the Polish Invasion.

One senior retiree, Walther von Reichenau, 97, remembered the first time Germany invaded Poland and started World War II: “It was a lovely September day, our tanks rolled in without much trouble. We had 60 divisions, they had 30, let’s say it was too easy for us. I’m so happy that we’re going back there to kick some more arse and reclaim our land.”

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, told the German people today that the country would go to war in less than a week.

“Poland actually belongs to the German nation, we are merely reclaiming what is ours since 1939,” Merkel said during the broadcast.

  • WarISTerrorism

    If this is true…..then it appears the US. are not the only ones still engaging in this cowards dance called War. How inhumane and dispicable……to invade Poland just to get their land back or because they are in weakend position without their leaders killed in the horrific plane crash. Just when you’d think the future might finally hold some humanity….some true Christians that understand killing poeple at war is the same type of murder that happed in US. on 9-11, we have to read this. I do hope this article was nothing more than American sensationalism, the trash we have to read each day in our papers.

  • Armen von G

    Yea, Poland should give the lands back!