New Gordon Brown Bully Video Game is Banned

LONDON - England - The new game featuring the unelected prime minister, Gordon Brown bullying helpless victims, has been withdrawn from shops after complaints that the violence was too explicit.

After an initial release on the PS3 and Xbox consoles this week, the game featuring Gordon Brown bullying members of his staff and anyone he comes into contact with, was recalled after complaints from many parents who bought the game for their children.

Roger McHeaton, is a parent who bought the game for his son, Johnnie:

“I’m utterly shocked at this game, it involves the brutish oaf, Brown, ambling around the screen beating up people with Kung Fu chops for no good reason. At one point he gets a fax machine and shoves it clean where the sun don’t shine. You know what I mean? After seeing a few minutes of the game we had to take it away from little Johnnie, well he is only six, and we took it back to the shop and got a full refund.”

An example of the gameplay for ‘Bully’ featuring Gordon Brown

The controversial game was released by Political Star game studios from Cheshire, who refused to answer any questions about the game’s recall.

Gordon Brown, who is at the moment conducting a campaign for his first ever election was unrepentant, and vowed to have it redistributed in shops when he is finally elected in May.