Gordon Brown Wants to Buy Gold

LONDON - England - Gordon Brown plans on buying back Britain's gold reserves, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has claimed.

Alistair Darling has been ordered by PM Gordon Brown to buy some gold for Britain’s depleted reserves.

“I have been ordered to buy back the gold that Brown sold off a few years ago. He sold Britain’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market, and since then it has appreciated by over 1000%. Well, in keeping with his exemplary economic record, he wants to buy the gold back at it’s current price. Now, I was just mulling this around my head, but, er, does that mean he has made a huge loss of billions of pounds of Britain’s wealth? Jings, maybe I should phone him tomorrow and tell him.”

The Bank of England, which was bypassed by Brown during the massive loss making gold sell off, was yesterday silent on the matter of this most recent folly by the reverse-Midas-touch PM.