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This Year’s A-Level Celebration Photos Disappointing Say Men

CAMBRIDGESHIRE - England - Men who usually salivate over the gratuitous shots of young 18-year-old ladies celebrating in fields clutching their A-level result papers were said to be wholly disappointed at the media coverage this year.

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“Every year we get shots of young women, fresh for the picking jumping up in fields with their little skirts riding high and their ecstatic bodies quivering with joy. This year has been positively morose with only one or two young ladies, and they were munters too,” an unhappy man said grumbling whilst reading the Telegraph.

According to exam boards, this year the A-level results cannot be altered as easily as previous years and the exams have not been dumbed-down as much. This erroneous change means there will be less photos of lithe young ladies celebrating in the fields of their educational establishments.

Exam board spokesman for Fofqual, Matthew Chunder, said: “If we remove the blatant dumbing-down of previous exams where everyone got A grades, this year we made the A-level exams as they should be and were in previous eras, although not as hard. This is why you are now seeing fewer ladies dancing in fields and only the really clever girls celebrating.”

Let us hope next year all this piffling nonsense will be over and things will get back to normal.

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