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This is a Call to All Other European Countries – Save Yourselves Before It’s Too Late

LONDON - England - We are urging other European countries under the undemocratic EU to break free once and for all.

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On June 23, 2016, the British people unanimously voted for democracy, something that has been missing from Europe for a long time.

European countries like Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary and all the others who can see the door is now open — You must take the tentative step for your national freedom — Soon it will be too late as you will be completely assimilated into the EU collective of federalism.

Brexit is about love for democracy, Europe and Europeans, but not the EU.

This is your last chance to take back control of your nations, your economies, and of your democratic rights as free thinking people.

For freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom to make ones own laws, and freedom to run ones own economy, you must all push for democratic revolution to break free from the EU.

eu democracy
EU Democracy


The shackles of undemocratic dictatorial EU authoritarianism can be smashed with one last referendum that will establish freedom and individual economic prosperity for nations in Europe once again. The EU is even considering banning all referenda, so act quickly.

Where you have been stunted by restrictive EU regulations on your economies, on your trading, on your border controls, these will be smashed by democratic choice.

The EU wishes to build a dedicated EU army force for your children to be enlisted in. This is a threat to Russia, who are using the prospect of an EU army to justify military build ups on Europe’s doorstep. The EU is provoking Russia.

For the sake of peace. For the sake of your economies. For the sake of your security. For the sake of your democratic rights and respective governments’ sovereignty.

Vote for democracy.

Leave the EU!



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