The Sad Death of MP Jo Cox Marred By IN Campaigners Exploitation

LONDON - England - The sad death of Labour MP Jo Cox, at the hands of a mentally ill person is a terrible tragedy, but what is even worse is the exploitation of her untimely end by IN campaigners for their own political gain.



There are certainly questions about MPs’ safety within constituencies and every day movement which should be addressed.

The DS has suspended all posts regarding the EU referendum since yesterday afternoon, however there are a sizeable amount of shameful IN campaigners pleading for Remain votes on social networks exploiting the shooting on Thursday.

‘Unconfirmed reports’

Some members of the MSM have decided to sensationalise the tragic death of the MP and put out a pro-European anti-Brexit  stance at the same time. This is a shameful exploitation of Joe Cox’s death for political gain.

ES exploitation

This is wrong. We will not be swayed by the despicable exploitation of an MP’s death at the hands of a mentally ill person. The reprehensible exploitation for political gain by Remain campaigners is abhorrent.

R.I.P Jo Cox

tweet exploitation

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  • donaldjenks

    One mentally ill person shooting an MP should not colour every Leave supporter.

    It is horrible what happened to Jo Cox but let us get some perspective on this. I do find it vile that IN supporters are using her death for political gain but that’s to be expected from these people who have no qualms about dragging her corpse around.

  • John Taylor

    Can anyone stoop lower than this Eurorat?

    POLITICISING DEATH: EU Commissioner Tweets Jo Cox MP Murdered For Her EU Support

  • Cal

    My opinion is the ProjectFear campaign from Osborne and Cameron created so much hatred that it blew up in their own faces. Two months of fearful propaganda daily scaremongering headlines. What did they expect?

  • John Taylor

    It was certainly a very timely incident. Vote Leave were 10 points ahead in the polls last week.