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David Sullivan Protégé Karren Brady Chimes in On Remain Campaign

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When it comes to calculated ‘business’ sense, there is nothing more hypocritical than the eminent protégé of porn baron David Sullivan rearing her head from underneath the muddy waters of political favours and deals conducted in sleazy boardroom toilets to say it is ‘risky to leave the EU’. Enter Karren Brady, now a ‘Baroness’ thanks to even more backhander favours that no one will probably know about.

She made her fortune because her dad, Terry Brady, who was the printer to David Sullivan’s pornographic publishing empire, gave her an insider leg up in more ways than one. Sullivan more than double her age, took her under his wing and under the sheets to speed the coquettish 23-year-old Brady up into the higher echelons of football management.

Doing favours for older businessmen is her forte, and Alan Sugar is definitely a board room member who has had his ribs tickled by this calculating maleficent.

Karren Brady may be good at maths, having had special extra curricular training from her bald 6th form maths teacher; but she is certainly not good at politics, and to be made a peer in the House of Lords is to sully the name and reputation of such an institution.

Naturally, a friend of Cameron‘s, this piece of work is now telling us to stay in the EU, is anyone listening to her? Did anyone listen to her in the first place? No! No! No! as a certain real Baroness once told Delors.

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