EU Referendum: Selling Britain Off On the Cheap is Good Says EU

BRUSSELS - EU - It's business as usual in the EU, as the British PM, David Cameron yelps, begs, and is led around by a very short leash by her masters.

David Cameron is a good little doggy, she begs and comes as soon as her masters call her.

“We feed her little morsels of scrap here and there, and if she is a bad little doggy we put Cameron in the dog house,” an unelected EU representative told Euronews.

But whilst begging, Cameron did a little doo doo on the British flag, that was rather naughty, wasn’t it?

“Au contraire mes amis, nous welcome such antics by les rosbifs, we positivement encourage such actions. C’est un tre,tre, formidable thing to do!” an excited Frenchie told the BBC.

Frau Merkel, one of Cameron’s trainers was rather circumspect about the little doggy.

“If Cameron ka ka’s on my Bavarian carpet I shall have the little mutt shot!” she said gruffly whilst kicking the yelping little dog with an almighty boot.