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Syria: Why Does Cameron Want to Deploy Air Strikes When There’s a Russian S-400 Around?

LATAKIA - Syria - We are getting closer to the end game every day, and Russia deploying the S-400 is once again a step towards Western jets being targeted.

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Since the Russians moved in their anti-aircraft S-400 missiles in Northern Syria, the U.S. and Turkey have halted air strikes.

Why is David Cameron even contemplating sending RAF jets to Syria when they can be shot down at any moment by the Russians? The leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn is correct in disputing this course of action.

The highly mobile S-400 has a target detection distance of 600 km and shoots numerous missiles including the 40N6 (max 400 km) at a speed of 17,000 km an hour, as well as having the capability for 80 targets to be simultaneously engaged.

Additionally, the S-400 can target pretty much any military or civilian aircraft including F-16s, strategic bombers, F-35 stealth bombers, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles.

This deployment by Vladimir Putin, after the much disputed incident where an SU-24 was shot down over Syria, is the next step in the conflict that could turn very hot if NATO jets are targeted in the future.

As mentioned before, Putin has now staked his territory, and to go any further for Western forces would be utter madness, leading to an escalation towards all out war. Maybe that’s what they want.

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  1. Russia has Syria’s permission to be in the country using the airspace. I don’t think anyone else does if I’m not mistaken.

  2. Britain could join in the bombing in Syria without the Russians targeting them, if they bomb only ISIS targets and leave Russia’s allies alone. Russia has a pretty strong point in that they are the only force in Syria that has been invited by the currently sitting government of the country. I am fairly certain that Assad would have no issue with the British assisting the French in Bombing ISIS.

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