Obama Spent $45 Million US Taxpayer Money On Holidays Cameron Goes On Easyjet

ALVOR - Portugal - The divide between American profligacy and waste culminating in exorbitant opulence can be best illustrated by the Obama presidential travel arrangements offset on his British counterpart, David Cameron, who flies economy class on Easyjet.

Since being elected, Obama has squandered millions of dollars of US taxpayer cash on holidays, freebie flights on Air Force One, even going as far as having his pet dog flown on the jet ahead of the family on one of their numerous vacations.

“Obama is the most well-travelled president in the history of the United States. This guy flies to Beijing for a Chinese takeaway using Air Force One, a plane that guzzles fuel at $180,000 per hour of flight. Since the Obamas entered the White House they have spent over $45 million¬†of YOUR money on vacations alone, not including state sanctioned travel but what do you expect from a guy who added $2.5 Trillion onto America’s debt?” Ron Hasker, a former White House analyst revealed during a retrospective of Obama’s tenure on CNN.

In stark contrast, the frugal Prime Minister of Britain travels on cheap airlines usually in economy class, eats Pringles and takes the train when conducting state business in the UK.