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Balls Proxy Yvette Cooper Extends Labour Leadership Bid

MACCLESFIELD - England - Labour leadership contender, Yvette Cooper is being pushed forward by none other than her husband, Ed Balls, a key component of the party's hierarchy.

“My husband, a keen Bilderberger, will be running the show from behind the scenes. You may be wondering how I have been propelled to such dizzying heights so quickly seemingly out of nowhere. Well, when you have strings being pulled like this, and friends in high places, things happen,” Yvette Cooper told the Guardian newspaper.

Indeed, Cooper’s husband, Ed Balls has been a guest at Bilderberg meetings numerous times, and even though he was ousted from his ministerial position during the UK general election, he was still invited this year to the exclusive meeting in Telfs, Austria.

Due to the nature of Labour leadership contests where rules are made up as they go along, anything can happen. Even though Jeremy Corbyn, a staunch Marxist is in the lead at the moment, Yvette Cooper has influential forces behind her.

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