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Minor Dow One Day Drop of 531 Only the Beginning Say Experts

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - With debts of $23 Trillion spiralling out of control, and unfunded Federal liabilities at $205 Trillion, the American economy is being sucked dry by profligacy that has only been exasperated by a socialist wasteful president who has a self destructive nature. The dip in 2008 was a warning not heeded, this is why the Dow will drop to levels not seen since the year 1985.

“The end of artificial pumping by the Obama administration has been over for some time, but we are only seeing glimpses of the effects now.

“Since 2009 U.S. indices have enjoyed an immense bull run, but it was all artificially created and not one single part of the rise was from factual means.

“The reality is that the Dow will continue to fall, it will hit some support at 13,900 a previous high from September 2007, however it will continue its descent powered by fear and nothing concrete keeping it up.

“When it reaches the 2,500 level, this would be more reflective of the state of the country as a whole, where the 2008 tremor was a lesson not learned by the institutions that power the Dow. It will continue to fall thereafter to 1984 levels.

“Obama will be long gone from office by then, and probably in a bunker somewhere, as for the rest, that’s their problem, not the administration’s.”

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