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Ashley Madison: 35 Million Families Potentially Ruined But Who Cares?

OTTAWA - Canada - Ashley Madison creator, Noel Biderman, laughs as he reads another headline about another ruined family, but why should he care, he made his money and is moving on to other ventures.

Christmas may have come early for divorce lawyers across the globe, as they take on extra staff to cope with the deluge of divorce proceedings, however the real damage will be to the children in these wrecked marriages, who would have otherwise stayed together. When it comes to cruelty to children, divorce from infidelity is the biggest cause of ruined childhood and causes irreparable psychological damage.

Psychologist Dr. Kirk Joelbloom, explains: “Cheaters are selfish narcissists, they do not care for anyone but themselves, that’s why they cheat. It’s not only the spouse who gets hurt, but the children are left with serious life-long psychological scars. Looking at the Ashley Madison map, we can see that globally, the areas most affected were North America and Europe, these areas have seen drastic increases in divorce. We are thus seeing generations of children growing up with psychological problems from the trauma of divorce, who will no doubt pass this horror onto the generations after that. All because of one narcissistic selfish cheater within the family.”

As for the creators of sites like Ashley Madison, they do not care one iota about profiting from other peoples’ misery, they made huge profits already and will simply move on to destroy other people by starting up another company doing the same thing with a different name.

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