Alllivesmatter Protester Beaten to Pulp by Blacklivesmatter Mob

FERGUSON - USA - A protester carrying an alllivesmatter placard was nearly beaten to death by a group of blacklivesmatter protesters late Tuesday night.

Police officers saved the man from certain death as he was set upon by packs of blacklivesmatter protesters.

Officer Dean Richards told local news that the man was so badly beaten he could not even walk any more.

“We saw one man, he held up a banner with hash tag alllivesmatter. Immediately the blacklivesmatter packs of ‘young people’ surrounded him and started beating him. Police officers tried to get to him earlier but were held back by more mobs, some even swinging from lamp posts and throwing rocks at officers. After five minutes we reached the man who appeared to have multiple injuries including severe head wounds,” Officer Richards reported.

The injured man has since been taken to an area hospital where his current condition is not known.