Mass Global Migration: An Engineered Cleansing of the West

LONDON - England - The shifting migration population, globalisation, are symptoms of warfare on previously protected sovereign borders, a member of the class explains.

Much like the European Union’s Schengen policy, America’s Obama has opened up the US borders too allowing poor South Americans free passage into once protected lands.

“Our policy is quite simple. The borders we once sealed off are now open. This is simply a form of cultural and economic warfare on nationalism, which is the greatest threat to globalisation.

“You will learn to share with the Third World whether you like it or not. Your children will be put into classes with many who cannot speak your language, the streets will become alien to you, the languages spoken will not be your mother tongue. We are forcing you, the previously privileged and protected Westerner to give up your jobs, your homes and your children’s schools for the cause of globalisation.

“It won’t just be your complete way of life that will deteriorate, but you will also see your wealth disappear as the invaded governments are forced to redirect funds to deal with the insurgency and businesses close.

“Your house price will begin to fall, as the street you once lived in so comfortably is swarmed and trashed, your food prices will rise as demand increases, and you must forget about ambulances, medical treatment will be only for the ones at the very highest rung of society. The speedy unregulated increase in population numbers will mean there will be medicinal shortages, more people, less to go around.

“What you are witnessing is globalisation. There is nothing to fear. You cannot do anything about it, as these orders come from the highest echelons. You look down you see the swarms of disenchanted, you look up you see the trails in the sky that never seem to go away, in short you are being medicated to accept your fate, to be compliant as processes of change are occurring around you that you cannot and do not want to understand. Obey!

“The mass migration into Western nations will thus be tolerated and what’s more, it won’t matter if there is limited land mass to house the migration, there is always a way to house millions and millions of extra people in tight spaces.”