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Feminists Claim ‘Jack the Ripper’ Was ‘Jackie the Ripper’

LONDON - England - Jack the Ripper is a sexist description according to an author who suggests the mass murdering killer was actually a woman and should be called Jackie the Ripper.

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Feminist researcher Angela Mann claims in her new book that Jack the Ripper is a sexist description of the Victorian mass killer, a remnant of the patriarchal society of Victorian England, she also claims to have found the true identity of Jack the Ripper.

“Jackie the Ripper was angry that these women were prostituting themselves, she butchered them, and then got it blamed on a bloke for a century,” Ms Mann told people at a book signing in Shoreditch.

For over a hundred years now it has been claimed that Jack the Ripper was a man, but this sexist theory has been violently turned on its head by Jackie the Ripper.

“Jackie the Ripper wore a dress hiding the weapons she used to kill the prostitutes with. She was as good at gutting people as a man, and just because she was a woman, does not mean she could not commit those horrific murders as well as a man could. In fact, Jackie the Ripper was around when the Suffragettes were in their infancy, and I would say that Jackie was the world’s first feminist,” Mann writes in her book.

The Daily Mail has bought the rights for the book to be serialised in a ten week series and book sales have rocketed.

‘Jackie the Ripper, a tale of Victorian Feminism’ is currently number one on the bestsellers list.


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