Comrade Gordon Brown to Put Tax on Taxation

LONDON - England - Supreme unelected leader of the Labour party, Gordon Brown, is to reward the population of Britain by introducing a new tax on taxation.

Speaking from the Westminster duma on Tuesday, our esteemed leader and supreme commander in chief, comrade Gordon Brown, outlined a new package of taxes that will be introduced immediately for all workers, party members and proleteriat.

A Fair Tax on Tax

“Dearest Comrades, I know you have been paying high taxes so that my new vision of change and ten year Soviet British plan can be implemented. Comrades and plebiscite, I have welcomed your contributions to our state when you have been going hungry, when you have not had enough to heat your dwellings, where you have not had enough food to even feed your mules and decrepit horses. I understand your plight comrades but I will ask another favour of you. Yes, I have seen fit to install a tax on taxation itself — because there is nothing left which has not been taxed. I thank your sacrifice to the state and our Soviet dream of poverty for every citizen of our Soviet British Nation is well and truly being fulfilled every day. Once again, I, your supreme unelected leader thank you for the ultimate sacrifice to the state.”

There were applause from all who were gathered within the great British Soviet duma at the news that Gordon Brown’s huge taxes on the people would be also taxed.

After the massive tax hikes of recent months and heavy taxation over the period of the last ten years on every commodity or service in the Soviet Nation of Britain — to be taxed on the actual tax is just a mere formality.

Those who do not appreciate the new tax on tax will be assigned for re-education in one of Comrade Brown’s Eco Camps deep in the Soviet Labour heartland of Northern Soviet Britain.

Heroic Bolshevik fighters have also been sent to the Crewe and Nantwich sector where a democratic uprising has been thwarted and smashed by our Soviet revolutionary fighters who have restored Comrade Brown’s Vision of Change.

Commissar for Re-Education, Ed Balls has also been personally assigned by Comrade Brown to oversee that all sectors accept the new tax on tax without any discourse or dissent. Any thought-crimes will be monitored and punished severely with possible neutralisation and fines.

Long Live Comrade Brown and the Labour Party INGSOCK Notice: B34521