Oil Futures Surge as Bush Plans Iran Invasion

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Long term oil futures have been rising steadily because of the Bush administration's plans to invade Iran before their reign of terror is over.


In a last gasp effort to cause armageddon, George W Bush and his evil cronies in the White House plan to escalate war further in the Middle East and precipitate the beginnings of a large-scale nuclear conflict thus creating even more mass world unrest than there already is now.

Not content with the perpetual War of Terror he has created already, George W Bush is rushing to speed things up with an imminent attack on Iran.

The Persians when attacked will simply close off the Straits of Hormuz and the world oil price will rise to $400 per barrel or even more. Strategically speaking, invading Iran is a suicide operation that could only be attempted by an insane religious zealot alcoholic moron with severe mental retardations and a fervent penchant for psychotic pleasure derived from hurting millions of people from his armchair — thus George W Bush fits the bill with precision.

Preparations have been underway for the Iran attack for quite some time. The US military and naval build up within the Persian gulf has been going on for the past year. The plan is probably a joint attack with Israel where there will be high altitude bombing of strategic Iranian nuclear sites similar to the recent bombing by Israel of a Syrian suspected nuclear site in Syria’s eastern desert near the Euphrates River.

Further preparations of the imminent Iranian attack is also the reason why Bush has been filling the 703 million-barrel
Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) in Texas and Louisiana with 66,000 barrels of oil per day.

Oil $300 per barrel before September

Investors are betting that oil prices will continue
rocketing for years to come and the imminent Bush attack on Iran will ensure a good windfall for investors and a good fallout (the radioactive kind) for everyone in the Middle East.

oil future prices have jumped at an unprecedented rate in a sign that
investors are buying up stocks of oil en masse to preempt the invasion of Iran.

The situation is highly volatile since futures prices are almost always lower than today’s oil prices.

This follows a handful of rumours from major analysts that oil prices
could soar towards $400 (£200) when Bush attacks Iran.

rose above $129 a barrel for the first time in New York amid further rumours eminating from Israel on the planned attack.

There were also some concerns that Opec will not boost output in the coming months
to rein in prices, and that China will increase its oil imports in the
wake of its earthquake. Brent crude was trading $2.60 higher at a
record $127.66 in late trading.

Even more significant, however, is that futures prices have risen higher still.

Traders worldwide and investors are already factoring the cost of another American war in the Middle East with Iran as the next victim of US posturing and attempts at hegemony.

This time, however, Bush and his apocalyptic horsemen of doom are going to bring upon their ‘rapture’ with one last flurry of the dice.

“With the increase in oil prices we see an increase in cost to deliver vital goods and food to the consumer. This results in massive inflation and unaffordable costs for basic goods. We advise people to start growing vegetables in their gardens and stockpiling canned food and water because when Bush presses the button, you can say goodbye to the supermarket. The government will not help you and we will all have marshal law where you will be shot on sight by troops for trying to get food or water for your family,’ Yitsak Hymie wrote in the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

Ample physical evidence exists in the stepped-up US military
deployments in the region, with the Navy once again having two
aircraft carrier battle groups — the USS Lincoln and the USS
Harry S. Truman — within striking distance of Iran.

Meanwhile, the flagship of the 6th Fleet, the USS Mount Whitney,
has been deployed off the coast of Lebanon in what the Navy has
described as an “unscheduled mission.” The ship is the
Navy’s most advanced command, control and intelligence vessel,
capable of coordinating a major attack over a wide region. It
joined the USS Cole, a missile destroyer, already there.