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The Daily Squib Guide to Avoiding Pro EU Propaganda During Run Up to Referendum

LONDON - England - We're here to help you to avoid the mass brainwashing and pro EU propaganda which will ensue before the EU referendum vote.

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To be honest, it will be everywhere, on every media, bus stops, in your local newspaper, up your jacksie, in the pub, down the football, all over the BBC, and every word David Cameron will utter will be pro-EU.

Cameron is not going to get any concessions from the EU, and the ones he asked for are piffling any way.

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Protect Yourself From the Pro EU Propaganda

1) Do not read the papers because writers are told what to write or they lose their jobs.

2) Do not read the mainstream media on the internet because this is saturated propaganda paid for by the EU’s vast budgets funded by you, the taxpayer.

3) Do not attend the Bilderberg meeting, oh wait, you’re not likely to do that because you’re not deemed important enough.

4) Speaking to europhiles is permissible simply because they will reinforce your viewpoint.

5) Think of Britain, read up about Britain’s illustrious history, and think to yourself how 40,000 years of history and heritage could be erased with one vote.

6) Be proud to be British, even if you live in Scotland.

7) Go to the countryside and look around. Close your eyes for a second and imagine death ridden grey tower blocks covering the whole landscape full of EU and Third World migrants.

8) Eat some fish and chips then realise the EU would ban it for being too British if the EU referendum was lost.

9) Look at the amount of tax you are paying now, then get a calculator and quadruple the number. That’s how much you will pay in the EU in the future. Do you really want to pay for the Greeks and their easy lifestyle while you work till your fucking fingers are raw.

10) Read the Daily Squib. From this moment on, we will add in articles intermittently praising British culture, history and the right to sovereignty.


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