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Comrade Brown and Darling Vision of Change Policies Announced

LONDON - England - Comrade Brown's people's chancellor, Comrade Darling, yesterday set out the 'Vision of Change' for Britain.

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Our great one-party system in Britain headed by the single party, the supreme Labour party, dominated the people’s treasury speeches today in the Westminster Duma with ‘Visions of Change in Un-Change’ policies.

Comrade Darling delivered a rousing speech to the audience of one-party officials espousing his monetary policies.

Only a week prior to Comrade Darling’s speech, the bourgeois miscreant, George Osborne, had mentioned the exact same prole taxation policies but because of his inferior party status, had his policies claimed and adopted by senior Labour party leaders instead.

During Comrade Darling’s speech, Osborne of the Bullingdon faction dared to make some rather disparaging comments as gesture of his disapproval of having his policy ideas stolen.

Bourgeois scum Osborne, who is a traitor to the one-party system, was then taken away by Stasi guards and assigned for re-education in a gulag in Northern Britain.

The rest of the Duma gathering went without any interruptions and there was rapturous applause praising our supreme Comrade Gordon Brown and senior Labour party officials for their wonderful taxation policies.

Notice: B64221 INGSOCK Long Live the Gordo!

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