Bush’s Radioactive Dinner Jacket Party Plan in Iran

WASHINGTON DC - George W Bush and French President Nicolas Psychozy are scheduled to attend a dinner jacket ball on a sinking oil tanker in Iran's Strait of Hormuz soon.

The Strait of Hormuz (26°34’0.00″N,  56°15’0.00″E), a narrow passageway connecting the Persian Gulf with the Arabian Sea and separating Iran from the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the world’s vital oil transit chokepoints and famous for the fact that over 20% of the worlds oil goes through it every day.

The Neocon and French party will be hosted by the Iranian contingency headed by the smiling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Oil prices after the dinner jacket soiree will undoubtedly rise to over $450 a barrel.

There will be widespread panic as the bombing party unleashed by the US jets slam into nuclear material holding sites, thus spreading wonderful radioactive dust all over the middle east.


The Israeli contingent will not attend the celebration, but have ordered the US and French to attend the party for them.

The Persian controlled Strait will then be closed for an indefinite period by being blocked by a sunken tanker or two.


‘meanwhile, back at home’


There will be no need to drive a car after this happens because no one will be able to afford any petrol, let alone find any.

Food of course needs to be distributed to the shops, but the fact that there will not be any fuel to do so will inevitably lead to no food in the shops, thus leading to anarchy and unrest.

Governmental oil reserves are only valid for less than a week in most western countries, plus these are only used for emergency services and the army.


One last reckless killing spree before the fun is cut off for George

Citizens residing in the West are therefore advised to start hoarding food or growing their own fruit and veg, as well as acquiring bicycles.

The consequences of multiple strikes on Persian nuclear sites by the American, Israeli, French team is apocalyptic, but totally permissible, because people like Cheney and Bush have bunkers – they survive whatever happens. You don’t.