New Year Asia Plane Tour Offer For Five Lucky Winners

JAKARTA - Indonesia - The Daily Squib is offering five lucky readers an Asia plane ticket ride of a life time. To enter the competition please find details inside.

The Daily Squib is offering five free tickets for a tour of South East Asia.

The itinerary will include trips to Indonesia, Malaysia, and somewhere else not designated yet.

The lucky winners will be wined and dined at the best hotels before the one way trip when they board an aeroplane starting with the letters MH or QZ.

Expectant competition winner, Arthur Pustule, from Braintree, Essex was excited about the once in a lifetime experience.

“I can’t wait to get on the plane and fly over the unlimited oceans of South East Asia. It’s a great thought to know that these aeroplanes are tracked by radar down to the millimetre. Nothing can possibly go wrong. I’ve packed my snorkelling and diving gear so that I’ll be prepared when we get to our final destination resting place.”

To win the Asia Plane Ticket Competition please answer this simple question. Where is the final resting place of flight MH370? a) Somewhere at the bottom of the Indian ocean b) Very, very deep under water somewhere in the ocean c) Where the fish swim deep in the vast ocean

Answers on a postcard to Missing Plane Comp Tickets, 370 Seabed Road, London, W6 SOS. Competition winners will be announced tomorrow. Employees of Malaysia Airlines or AirAsia are welcome to enter the competition, oh dear, they have to fly in those planes anyway? Aaaargh!