Offline is the New Online

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Has the internet had its day? There are many people disillusioned with the internet and how it has lessened the importance of creative achievement and created a mind prison for millions of people.

When everyone is online, it’s time to get offline, that’s the current message for truly creative artists, writers, musicians and anyone else who has a modicum of dignity left in the internet age.

“The internet has subverted many things. Look at Amazon and what it has done to authors, look at itunes/spotify and what it has done to musicians, look at online newspapers and what it has done to journalists. Even friendship has suffered because of sites like facebook. The internet has increased the quantity of everything, at the expense of quality. The industry of many has been watered down through sheer volume of junk, morose banality, excessive advertising and mediocrity,” a former successful writer revealed from his day job of shining hub caps.

Robert McDimper, one of the architects of the internet from the early days as a military application had this to say about how the internet has developed over the years from his maximum security jail cell.

“What else ruined the internet? How about being watched, tracked and hunted down if you express a viewpoint that is not adjunct to the current totalitarian regime in charge. The NSA and other agencies have harvested so much information about the population that they don’t know what to do with it all. The marketing companies have all your information, buying habits and search data.

“Facebook manipulates its users with adjusted news feeds, twitter reports people to the police and in some regions like Burma or China, this means people die or are imprisoned for their thoughts. The people who were tricked into opening personal profiles on Facebook are already lost, there is no hope for them, and even though some may wish to break away or have woken up from the hypnotic spell, it is too late, their information has already passed through the system.

“Thoughtcrime is a very real concept especially in the internet era where someone can make a drunken brain fart on the internet in the afternoon and be arrested by the morning. There is no such thing as freedom of speech or thought in the heavily controlled internet era we are sadly in now, instead it is a holding prison for the human hive mind, a dystopian nightmare where every thought is held in a cage, labelled, pigeon holed and filed forever.

“The internet is your own personal mind prison, a linear jail cell where there is no escape once you enter it. Have fun.”