Sony Hacking: North Korea Shoots Back With Obama Monkey Racial Slur

PYONYANG - N. Korea - The rogue state used a racial slur to describe the American president, as the row over the Sony Pictures hack and release of The Interview continues.


President Barack Hussein Obama was called a “monkey in the jungle” by North Korean officials and posters of the esteemed president of the United States photoshopped as a monkey’s head were distributed across the communist nation on Friday.

“The level of North Korean photoshopping ain’t too bad,” a CIA imaging expert told CNN today.

Obviously with all this hacking going on, someone in North Korea was able to download a hacked version of photoshop cs5 and do some serious damage to the United States.

President Obama fired back after seeing the Obama monkey image today: “If I’m a monkey. Kim Jong-un is a pig. Is that childish enough for all y’all?”