Obama and Holder NYPD Shooting: Finally We Got a Result

ALOHA - Hawaii - After months of anti-White, anti-police rhetoric, president Obama and his deputy in incitement, Eric Holder, have finally got the result they were looking for.


After months of  anti-White rhetoric by Obama and Holder, the U.S. has finally got a result with the execution of two NYPD cops.

President Obama couldn’t control a giggle when ‘condemning’ the cold blooded assassination of  two NYPD officers by a member of a black Marxist left wing group.

“Me and Eric we’ve been egging African Americans on for months now. Finally we got a result last night when one of our protégés decided to act on our words, and we got an NYPD shooting. I’m here in my Hawaii jacuzzi, sipping a drink, enjoying the sun streaming down, and I’m thinking to myself, it’s a beautiful Christmas feeling I’m getting right now. What’s really making me giggle though is you guys are paying for my umpteenth Hawaii trip, I don’t even know how much this thang cost the taxpayer, maybe $45 million, who knows? Anyway, I’ll be here for the next four weeks, have fun over there, especially in NYC,” the president, giggling like a deranged hyena, told MSNBC.