Breaking News: NASA Discovers Source of Methane Gas on Mars

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - NASA has announced that they may have discovered the source of methane gas on the Mars surface. Picture exclusive.

The NASA space agency’s Mars rover had detected bursts of methane gas on the Martian surface last week.

Scientists were baffled to the source of the methane gas, which if found could reveal signs of life on Mars.

“We were really excited when the analysis of the Mars atmosphere found methane gas. We got our Mars rover to go all over the place to find the source of this gas. That’s when we got the pictures,” Ed Collins, chief scientist on the Mars project told CNN.

NASA received the pictures back last night, and are amazed. This confirms there is life on Mars, and could be a defining moment in human history.

The space agency is appealing to anyone who knows what the creature in the photo could be to contact the space agency with suggestions.