Grand Jury: Darren Wilson Innocent Without Charge


The hero cop, Darren Wilson has been released after an incident with a man in August.

“He was only doing his job. This whole fiasco has been a farce at the expense of the taxpayer, and frankly I’m appalled,” a spokesman for someone said today.

The cost of the needless investigation is estimated to be over $34 million to the U.S. taxpayer and that’s not including lawyers fees.

“We just hope we can get on with our lives because no one needs to be dragged through the mud just for doing their job. Wilson deserves a medal for his composure and service to the nation, not a wacky court case show to appease some irrational idiots,” a man on the scene of the court told CNN.

  • bee

    African Americans have rights. Mike Brown had his hands up he surrendered to the officer but he got shot. Why did he get shot? There was no reason to shoot that kid he was jus a kid for God’s sake. The only crime he committed was being black. Shame on you all haters/

  • Adam

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  • Harold

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    • Janie

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      • Angela

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    • T.john

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  • gantz101

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  • kburro

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  • Luca

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    • gantz101

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  • brandy

    Darren wilson is a coward… he could have used his stun gun, he couldve shot him in the knees, he could have just shot him once, maybe twice maybe 3 times but 6 times?? and in the head??? No, its certainly not right.

    • abel markath

      Whys he a coward? Were you there? Tazer would do nothing to that 800 lbs goon. He took 4 shots and he was still coming busted Darren’s eye socket. He emptied chambers on that thing and still coming. Tazer useless in that situation.

      • brandy

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      • brandy

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  • x-cop

    Darren did what any other person would have done defended their life.

  • RealJournalist


    • Jim

      Yeah he’s guilty, guilty of defending himself whilst doing his job. You’re a moron obviously.

      • abel markath

        dang right and thats one game of knockout that boy wont be playin any time


    Whoah! I just think MSNBC just blew a fuse!!!

  • dumbass

    Relax nothing’s gonna happen folks. It’s cold out there. There’s rain. peeps too busy playing they ps4 smokin weed to even care.

  • RealJournalist

    “This is story is so poorly written”, said someone who was speaking for someone but I was too lazy to get names because in the end, I just made up quotes instead of doing real journalism.

  • gunboat

    He’s a cop, but no hero.