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Fate of Caliphate Not Known Yet

MOSUL - Iraq - The fate of the Caliphate is hanging by a string, Iraqi news agencies are reporting, as news filters through about a deadly U.S. bombing on an ISIS convoy.

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“The caliphate monster we created got too big so we had to bomb it. Don’t mess with the empire. We got cameras everywhere, listening devices, satellite cams that can see the sweetcorn up your ass from space, and drones that can release killer missiles from anywhere in the world. You Caliphate pussies wanna mess with that? Thought not,” a CIA operative on the ground told CNN.

No doubt, there are thousands of waiting Caliphs behind the scenes if Al Baghdadi has eaten the big Jihad in the sky.

As the DS mentioned months ago, any form of resistance is always futile when you do not have air superiority. Jihadis are just sitting ducks wherever they go, but they’re still living in the 15th century so how would they know about flying machines?

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