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Beggar: “Just Look at My Face Mr. Miliband I’m Human”

MANCHESTER - England - The homeless do exist, they are humans as much as anybody else, they have souls as much as anybody else, is that not right Ed Miliband?

A beggar in Manchester pleaded to Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, to look at her face as he dropped a two pence piece in her cup.

“Although I appreciate the two pence piece Mr. Miliband dropped in my cup he couldn’t even bring himself to look at me, sleeping rough and not having a home is hard as it is. I know Mr. Miliband has a £2.6 million home in a swish part of London but I’m human, I’ve got a soul like any other. A simple word of kindness would have been good for me. Anyway, thanks for the tuppence,” the woman said to reporters afterwards with a stream of tears running down her dirty face.

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