Obama Graduated From Bush

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The current president Obama will achieve 10,000 more objectives than his predecessor, the plan is working very well until completion.



When George W. Bush was reading My Pet Goat, the class were repeating messages from the kite, some very pertinent words, that they did not know the significance.

“Plane, Must, Hit, Steel”

And there was Georgie boy sitting there in silence, with a big quacking smirk on his face.

“Plane, Must, Hit, Steel”

Over and over the children say it, as the goat looks on, he knows very well that the plane must hit steel, as the fa├žade crumbles into white dust, he does not flinch from the ritual.

Soon after, Obama, the enlightened enters the scene, the clown is gone, this next demon is taught that graduation is a must for the horned goat commands his total and utter obedience.

The ordinaries do not see what the enlightened see, it is not in their remit to even understand one symbolic gesture that flutters across the screen. And so it was the same with 911, it was a symbolic gesture, a feat of wonder, the century of change had begun with an almighty celebration.

As one moment passes another arises, listen to the horns of deception over the orchestra, what will you think in the FEMA camps? Was this all a dream or is this barbed wire actually real? Think for one second, really think.