Celebrities Queueing Up For Virgin Galactic spacecraft Tours

ARIZONA - USA - Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic spacecraft has seen a massive increase in interest from celebrities who are now queueing up to buy places on the deadly flights.

Princess Beatrice can’t get enough of the Virgin Galactic spacecraft and has ordered seats not only for herself but ten other hangers on, the royal palace has revealed today.

Amongst other celebrities to reach for the stars will be TOWIE star, Gavin Carver, and X Factor superstars, Neil Dunse, Andrea Pisse, as well as Simon Cowell.

Tickets for the space flights cost a mere £250,000, and for that you will get delightful service as you float across the stars.

“It’s a once in a life time opportunity, like you do it once and once only,” a Virgin Galactic spokesperson said on Monday.