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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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EU Law Keeps Killers in the UK

LONDON - England - Today, the Home Secretary is asking the UK Supreme Court to overturn a ruling of the Court of Appeal which would keep a convicted killer in the UK because of EU law.

The EU Increases Cost of Living For UK Consumers On Everyday...

LONDON - England - Because of the EU and European Courts, consumer goods in the UK have prices increased by a large margin for British consumers.

British Embassies Dedicated Teams to Help Turkey, Serbia and Others Join...

ANKARA - Turkey - British Embassy staff in multiple non-EU countries, including Turkey and Serbia, are working to facilitate their entry into the European Union. This is despite claims by the IN campaign that there is no prospect of new countries joining the EU in the coming years.

10 Falsities: The PM and Chancellor Spouting Factual Errors Debunked

LONDON - England - The Prime Minister and Chancellor have made some blatantly false claims in recent TV appearances, and these falsities have mostly gone unchallenged. Here their deliberate lies to the British public are comprehensively debunked.

Vote Leave Response to IMF Report

LONDON - England - Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Vote Leave responds to the International Monetary Fund's latest intervention in the referendum debate.

The Video the EU Tried to Shut Down – Strasbourg to...

STRASBOURG - France - In its latest campaign video, Vote Leave has documented one of the leading examples of EU waste - the monthly move of the European Parliament between Brussels and Strasbourg.

Turkish Government Exposes David Cameron’s Spin on Turkey

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turkish Government has today dismissed David Cameron's claims Turkey isn't joining the EU as spin.

The North Will Be Stronger if We Take Back Control

MANCHESTER - England - Gordon Brown will today falsely claim that taking back control of Britain will lead to the North experiencing a 'Great Depression'.

Deep IN Campaign Splits On Freedom of Movement

LONDON - England - IN campaign's Theresa May has completely contradicted George Osborne on Freedom of Movement in the EU. The IN campaign is in utter turmoil on the touchy subject.

Vindictive Osborne Punishment Budget Reduces Chance of Becoming PM

LONDON - England - George Osborne may have burnt his last bridge for Prime Ministership with a vindictive proposal to punish the poorest in society in the event of a Brexit.

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