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Britain Clears Path for Turkey’s EU Membership

ISTANBUL - Turkey - Britain is clearing the path for Turkey's accession to the EU which will occur after June 23.

EU-funded CBI Does Not Represent British Business

LONDON - England - The pro-EU CBI cannot be trusted and is a corrupted institution with zero credibility in relation to British business.

School Place Statistics Show We Must Take Back Control of Our...

LONDON - England - The Department for Education has today published statistics on secondary and primary school applications revealing an increase in numbers that is putting a serious burden on the school system.

Logic of IN Campaign’s Claims is to Vote Leave

LONDON - England - Leading members of the IN campaign are now calling for restrictions on free movement and admitting David Cameron's deal was a sham.

European Court Still in Charge of Our Social Security and Borders

BRUSSELS - Belgium - A challenge to the UK's right to deny some EU migrants child benefit and child tax credits has been rejected by European judges today.

Peter Lilley Responds to BT Letter Telling 80,000 Staff to Vote...

LONDON - England - Peter Lilley MP, responds to the letter from BT to their staff telling them to vote Remain in the EU referendum.

How the EU Spends Your Money – Scandalous Expense Claims...

LONDON - England - New research exposes the most outrageous and excessive expenses claims by EU officials.

Read Documents That Prove Turkey Granted Visa Free Travel After June...

ANKARA - Turkey - Leaked documents reveal that visa free access to Turkish citizens will most certainly occur after June 23 EU referendum.

Three-quarters of a Million People Gained Right to Come to UK...

LONDON - England - Eurostat's publication today of acquisition of citizenship statistics for the EU reveal the UK has no control of migration and the numbers of migrants are increasing at an exponential rate into the EU.

Gordon Brown’s ‘Kiss of Death’ For IN Campaign Relaunch

LEICESTER - England - Gordon Brown's speech today claims that remaining in the EU means more jobs, lower energy prices, a clampdown on tax avoidance, stronger workers' rights and greater security. He is wrong on all counts and has been wrong before on the EU.

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