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New Box Office Hit: Toilet Paper Zombie Apocalypse

BRISBANE - Australia - Forget about Mad Max, the latest toilet paper zombie apocalypse film will really get you riled.

COVID-19: How the Globalised World is Killing Itself

LONDON - England - Globalization is a double-edged sword, that can bring great economic wealth and destruction upon itself.

WHO – COVID-19 Fatality Rate Upgraded to 3.4% Will Rise Higher...

GENEVA - Switzerland - The COVID-19 coronavirus fatality rate has been upgraded by the WHO to 3.4%.

VIDEO : Death Toll in Iran in 1000s According to Insider...

QOM - Iran - The death toll is much higher than the Iranian regime is reporting as a video shows large amounts of bodies piled up in a morgue.

COVID-19 Coronavirus is Biphasic Like Anthrax – Contracted Multiple Times

LONDON - England - Coronavirus COVID-19 is biphasic like Anthrax meaning it can be contracted twice, making it even more deadly.

The Age of Reason: How Coronavirus Could Save Planet Earth

GEORGIA - USA - An urgent communiqué from a secretive internationalist group called The Aquarian Dawn describes the coronavirus pandemic.

Which Dating Apps Help You Get Infected With Coronavirus Quicker?

MUNICH - Germany - Dating apps are being used by millions of people worldwide enabling infectious diseases to spread faster than ever before.

Japanese Hold Coronavirus Festival

OKAYAMA - Japan - The festival where thousands of naked men are all squashed together has been hailed as a great coronavirus success by the officiating priests.

Actual China Covid-19 Death Toll Over 100,000 As More Mobile Incinerators...

WUHAN - China - Because of the number of deaths from coronavirus Covid-19, the Communist Party is deploying a fleet of mobile incinerators to the area.

Societal Collapse More of Threat Than Coronavirus

LONDON - England - All it would take is for supermarkets to close for a three to four days before societal collapse would occur in the UK.

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