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NATO: We’re Leaving Turkey Out to Dry

ANKARA - Turkey - Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg's Foreign Minister has revealed that a war between Russia and Turkey will not result in NATO help through the invocation of Article 5.

WW3 Update: Syrian Ground War Begins

ALEPPO - Syria - Although World War 3 started a few years ago, we are now seeing major escalations with Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran on the ground.

Russians Deny Behind Istanbul Bomb Killing 10 German Tourists

ISTANBUL - Turkey - Three Russian suspects who were allegedly in contact with IS fighters in conflict zones and had provided logistical support to the group were detained by Turkish forces on Tuesday local news reports confirm.

Erdogan Could Star in Lord of the Rings VII

AUCKLAND - New Zealand - The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has agreed to star in the latest film instalment of Lord of the Rings, director Peter Jackson has announced.

NATO: Why the Greeks Are Siding With Russia

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Greece is meant to be a member of NATO but most of the time it does not look like they are.

Up Your Dardanelles: Let the Russians Use the Straits of Gibraltar

ÇANNAKALE - Turkey - Mad Vlad is fuming today as his Ras-Putin fleet are left stranded in the Black Sea.

Picture You Didn’t See at the G20

ANTALYA - Turkey - The G20 meeting early November was an opportunity for Turkish PM Erdogan to voice his concerns about Russian aerospace violations.

Russians Eat Turkey Early This Christmas

MOSCOW - Russia - Russian hot head, Vladimir Putin has been spied supping on some early Christmas Turkey this year, with an SU-24 fighter jet downed by the Turks over Turkish air space.

Islamist Turkey PM Wants to Outlaw Belly Dancing Girls

ANKARA - Turkey - Authoritarian Islamist PM Erdogan has promised to remove any form of belly dancing semi-naked women from Turkish television.

Turkish Robot Makes Kebabs and Hummus

ISTANBUL - Turkey - Scientists at the city's University of Technical Science have unveiled the first ever Turkish robot that may well revolutionise Turkish society forever.

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