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EU to Pay Turkey 60,000 Euros Per Migrant

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Turkey has pulled off the deal of the century by duping the EU with a mega six billion euro payment to take back migrants then release them again to get back into Europe.

What is 6 Billion euros divided by 100,000 migrants? That’s 60,000 euros per person, a princely sum if there were any, and the EU nations are being forced by their heads in Brussels to cough up the cash. Britain itself will be forced to pay £500 million to the fund.

In a time of austerity, where every cut in the budget of Britain hurts millions of Britons, £500 million could easily go towards building a new hospital, or multiple schools, or the crumbling road infrastructure, or to better care for the disabled, instead it is fleeing from the arms of Britain into a black hole, a bottomless pit.

The migrants will keep coming whatever will happen, and this charade will continue ad infinitum.

If Britain was out of the EU, this money could be used in our own country to serve our people, to help our infrastructure, and to increase the quality of lives for the many needy Britons who really deserve better than the deal they are getting right now.

You pay tax. For what? You work day in day out and you get nothing back, instead the money flies into EU arms and is never seen again.

Britain on top of these money requests by the EU pays £55 million per day just to be in the EU.

Vote Leave, let Britain break free from this EU monstrosity, this wasteful ridiculous profligate bunch of thieves.

Deal of the Century

One thing is for sure, the Turks are laughing all the way to the bank, what a coup for Ankara, to have taken the 6 Billion euros. A delightful Turkish win off the backs of the EU Muppet show.

“We take the money, then release the migrant. What that migrant does in Turkey is their business, whether they go across to Europe again is none of ours. Hah! What a deal, this is beautiful. Six billion euros, we don’t even know what to do with all that cash. Kebabs on us! All right boys, chilli sauce?”

Thank you EU. haha

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