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After the Coup Attempt Erdogan Reshuffles Turkish Government

ANKARA - Istanbul - Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after the coup attempt, has reshuffled his parliament and government to best ensure his reign for a very, very long time.

Erdoğan Wants Turkey to Reintroduce Arabic Alphabet

ANKARA - Turkey - President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an of Turkey has pronounced the Westernised current Turkish alphabet as immoral and an affront to his Islamist agenda.

Fake Coup: Turk Army Plotters Couldn’t Organise a Barbecue in a...

ISTANBUL - Turkey - The Turkish army faction that attempted a faux coup have left the Turkish military looking very weak and a beaten emasculated force of wimps.

Turkish Coup Latest: It Lasted Two Hours

ISTANBUL - Turkey - The Turkish army coup may or may not have lasted for two hours, nobody seems to know.

BREAKING: Crazy Erdoğan Has His Day

ISTANBUL - Turkey - President Erdogan is now in hiding as the secular Turkish military has taken over his extremist Islamist government.

Turkish Government Exposes David Cameron’s Spin on Turkey

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turkish Government has today dismissed David Cameron's claims Turkey isn't joining the EU as spin.

Britain Clears Path for Turkey’s EU Membership

ISTANBUL - Turkey - Britain is clearing the path for Turkey's accession to the EU which will occur after June 23.

PM Blatantly Misleading Public On Support For Turkey EU Integration

LONDON - England - The PM has been caught out misleading the public with blatant lies regarding Turkey's accession to the EU.

Brexit: Turkey Given EU Go-Ahead – The FACTS

LONDON - England - Turkey, a nation of 75.9 million people has been given the green light for European Union membership. This is not only a bad deal for Turkey but for Britain as well.

EU to Pay Turkey 60,000 Euros Per Migrant

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Turkey has pulled off the deal of the century by duping the EU with a mega six billion euro payment to take back migrants then release them again to get back into Europe.

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