Fake Coup: Turk Army Plotters Couldn’t Organise a Barbecue in a Kebab Shop

ISTANBUL - Turkey - The Turkish army faction that attempted a faux coup have left the Turkish military looking very weak and a beaten emasculated force of wimps.




In what has been shown to be a pathetic attempt at a coup against Turkey’s undemocratic despot of a president Erdogan, the limited Turkish army coup is a lame example of cowardice and surrender.

Images of coup soldiers surrendering to members of the pro-Erdogan factions is a sad stain on the image of a military broken down by years of cuts by the president, who has emasculated the army of its power.

To recapture Turkey’s secularist vision of governance as espoused by the founder of the Turkish republic, Kemal Ataturk, it is imperative that the Islamist Erdogan is removed from office by any means possible, but next time there has to be a complete military coup and not a limited one.

Why is a military coup in Turkey necessary? Because Erdogan has closed off all democratic discourse in the media and skewed everything to his propaganda. You cannot have so-called ‘democratic’ elections under¬†authoritarian thug rule¬†such as Erdogan’s non-inclusive regime of fear and totalitarian control where free speech is criminalised. The current despotic Erdogan thus has no mandate as president and is pushing Turkey towards an extremist Islamist regime.

One could also argue that this coup attempt was also a well planned fake to bolster Erdogan’s popularity. The way the soldiers surrendered so easily is an indication that this was not a real coup and was a theatrical production organised by Erdogan to not only increase his popularity but to purge and emasculate the Turkish military further.

Whatever the reason for the coup, it is a certainty that the Turkish military now looks very weak on the world stage.