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Impulsivity in Politics is a Death Trap

NEW YORK - USA - A seasoned politician would look at someone like Trump and quietly smile, because people like that do not have the seasoned qualities that a politician has.

Trump: “Why We Need to Ban Christians Too”

NEW YORK - USA - Donald Trump has gone one level further, as well as wanting to ban all Muslims, he is now calling for the banning of all Christians from leaving or entering the United States.

What Would America Look Like Under Trump

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - What would America look like under the presidency of Donald Trump? Here is a projection of the nightmarish dystopia ahead.

Trump: “No! I’m Not a Nazi I Just Hate N*ggers, Ch*nks,...

NEW YORK - USA - Donald Trump wants all Muslims barred from coming to the United States but that's not all he wants.

Trump Planning Muslim Detention Centres in U.S.

NEW YORK - USA - With Trump set to take the Republican candidacy riding on a huge wave of popularity, he sets his sights on Muslims in the U.S.

Goodfellas Betting On a Trump Win

LAS VEGAS - USA - Some people in back rooms, delicatessens and construction companies are rooting for their man, the Don, Trump to become the main Capo dei capi.

Donald Trump Transitioning to Be Woman

LAS VEGAS - USA - Presidential candidate, Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy, and he certainly is not disappointing his followers with his latest revelation.

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