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Cabinet Reshuffle Latest: Theresa May Relegates Self to Backbenches

LONDON - England - Former PM, Theresa May has spectacularly reshuffled herself back to the backbenches during a chaotic Cabinet reshuffle session that has frankly teetered on incompetence. 

May’s FAKE BREXIT: Mass Civil Unrest and Anarchy on the Streets...

LONDON - England - Theresa May's Remainer, Non Brexit, could be the precursor for thirty years of riots in the UK.

Theresa May Applauded by EU leaders Because She ‘made little effort...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - European leaders are set to give their approval for Brexit talks to move on to the next phase today after Jean-Claude Juncker said last week's divorce deal amounted to "sufficient progress after massive concessions by the British".

Stop Moaning Farage and Do Something About May’s Non Brexit

LONDON - England - A brief open communique to Chief Brexiteer Nigel Farage.

Triumphant Theresa May Delivers Non-Brexit

BRUSSELS - Belgium - A jubilant and triumphant Theresa May today patted herself on the back for delivering a Brexit that is not actually a Brexit but is technically a Brexit only in name.

Welcome to Donkey Brexit Britain!

LONDON - England - Welcome to donkey Britain, the laughing stock of the world where Brexit means no Brexit.

Today the Day Theresa May Starts Looking For Another Job

LONDON - England - Downing Street officials have confirmed that today is the day Mrs. May will be looking for another job after giving away multiple concessions to Brussels during Brexit negotiations.

BAD DEAL: Weak Theresa May to Pay EU Ransom 100 Billion...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Theresa May has capitulated to the EU ransom demands and will pay them 100 Billion euros.

BREXIT: EU High Representative Joins Discussion With Theresa May

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU Commission brought out their secret weapon that they have been hiding throughout Brexit talks.

Carving Up the Turkey This Christmas Will Be Fun

LONDON - England - Gone before Christmas, Theresa May must now know that the betting odds are against her.

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