BREXIT: EU High Representative Joins Discussion With Theresa May

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU Commission brought out their secret weapon that they have been hiding throughout Brexit talks.


‘Bimbo’ is a six year old chimpanzee who is the High Representative for the EU Commission and specialises in EU law making as well as bananas.

Mrs May, the British PM in charge of Brexit talks asked Bimbo the chimp whether upping the Brexit ransom to £40 Billion would allow talks to go ahead regarding trade deals?

Bimbo said: “Ooh, aah, ahh!”

Astounded at the answer, the British PM capitulated, because she is weak, and said that Britain would of course throw in a few crates of bananas into the mix.

On hearing this news, Bimbo said excitedly: “Ooooooh! Oooooh! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaah!”

The deal was sealed there and then much to the astonishment of everyone gathered.

EU Spokesman, Gunther Weisehaus, later told the press: “Bimbo achieved more in three minutes, than the whole blasted lot of overpaid apparatchiks at the EU Commission.”