Black Friday Pandemic Spreading Across Globe

USA - There's a virus that has been around since the dawn of time, and now it is so prevalent that it is in fact taking over the globe.

This virus has no cure, it has no possible chance of a cure in the future, as it mutates every year getting worse and worse.

Spawning mainly in North America, where the dregs of humanity live in their consumerist driven dystopia, this virus has no boundaries to who it targets, the fat, the thin, the rich, the poor, anyone is susceptible to — GREED!

Yes, folks, that 55 inch 4k HDR TV you just trampled over some woman’s head to get, is the finest example of pure greed at work, and it is an unstoppable force, as it spreads far and wide.

The only distinction that this virus has is that in Sub Saharan Africa, the villagers trample over each other to get a bag of grain to feed their family from an aid agency; whereas in the West, the rabid hordes of greed driven infected trample over each other to get electronic items labelled as 70% off retail price.


It is not just the people scrambling in the stores who display this virus, i.e. the poor, but also the rich, who are the ones who fuel this greed virus. They are the ones behind the scenes who put on the sales, they are the ones who hype it for weeks before the event, and they are the ones who ultimately make vast profits from fuelling the unadulterated greed that envelopes whole cities, and communities.

Will there ever be a cure? No, because greed mutates, it spreads, it has no qualms about who it infects, it is not discriminatory, greed, greed, greed..

Since there are only two major emotions humans are controlled by — Greed and Fear.

One day it would be good to have a Black Friday where greed is not the master, but fear is.

For example, if you do not run away from that HD television in 10 seconds, you will be shot. An interesting reversal where the crowds run away from store sales as opposed to being attracted to them like the filthy greedy fucking rats they are.