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Lords Thwart Brexit: Prepare For Civil War

LONDON - England - Blood will run in the streets if the Lords dare to thwart the will of the people as mandated on June 23 2016 with the EU referendum.

Brexit Betrayal: Britain Must Prepare For Thirty Years of Civil Unrest...

LONDON - England - The consequence of diverting the result of a democratically held referendum vote which was given full support from parliament and won by 52% of voters for Brexit will be the undoing of Britain's constitution.

Black Lives Matters Riots Proof Local Police Must Be Abolished For...

CHARLOTTE - USA - The spate of riots in successive U.S. cities reveals a pattern that can only be halted by the abolition of local state police forces and an amalgamation into a singular Federal U.S. Police force.

Visit Charlotte North Carolina

CHARLOTTE - USA - What a great city to visit this Autumn. Don't forget to visit all the museums in the city and cultural hot spots. With great hotels, restaurants and bars, fun will be had by all.

Mass Unfettered Immigration Creates Perpetual Cultural Conflict Eventually Leading to War

LONDON - England - Mass unfettered migration delivered at a fast pace creates chaos, cultural destruction, civil unrest, and a state of perpetual cultural conflict culminating in war.

Looters of Summer Rehabilitated With Visits to British Museum

LONDON - England - The Summer of 2011 was notable for the riots across Britain, and the chaos that ensued such riotous looting behaviour. There is some positive news about the people involved in the rioting, as government agencies have rehabilitated over 95% of the looters, sources claim.

Chav Hoodie Christmas in the U.K.

LONDON - England - It's shopping time for the hoodies and disenchanted youth as they go on mass flash robberies across the capital city.

Spartans Takeover Greece

THERMOPYLAE - Greece - Massive riots which have erupted all over Greece may be a sign that ancient Sparta has finally awakened after many thousands of years of dormancy.

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