Think Tank: G20 Violence Tolerated Because Leftwing

HAMBURG - Germany - One thing about the G20 violence in Hamburg recently is the level of organisation by leftwing groups who fought the German police, as well as the toleration of their violent activities.


The neatly hoodied black rows of assorted communists, anarcho-communists, and Antifa legions all propped up in the same attire resembled feral rats all vying for position to collect a big crumb of cheese, or in their case a large dose of pepper spray.

The once quaint city of Hamburg was thus reduced to a smouldering rubble heap, as the VIPs and hangers on for the G20 conference found themselves in the middle of a war zone.

The strange part of the proceedings is that the communists, anarchists and Antifa legions are predominantly globalists, in the sense that they do not want borders for countries, much like the globalists in the G20 who oppose borders.

Certainly, it is true that our dear friend, George Soros funds many of the groups fighting in the streets of Hamburg, and as he probably attended the G20, one wonders what goes through his mind as he looks out the window seeing these black clad apes throwing Molotov cocktails about?

In retrospect, the media have been very kind to the rioters, and have calmly followed their every move in the pitch battles with police. There has been little said against the rioters, who are simply tolerated like unruly children. Had the rioters been right wing or dare we say nationalistic in their fervour, no doubt the headlines would have been less jocular, or uncaring.

To this end, it can be concluded that extreme violence and property damage from the left wing is okay. From any other group, towards the right, then there is cause for concern and the rioters are not tolerated in the least.

These are naturally double standards in rioting theory and should be corrected at some time in the future. Why is it fair for one side of the political spectrum to devastate a city, and for another side to be condemned for the tiniest protest?