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French Riots: Never Underestimate the Level of Rage of the Disenfranchised

PARIS - France - The beautiful French country and its cities are once again up in flames as rioting and looting take hold.


Yes, France is burning once again as the riots and torched vehicles move from one city to the next. There are multiple variables and factors that cause splits in societies, but many are triggered by undercurrents of animosity caused by religion. The riots are in response to the execution of a North African teen by a policeman. If one looks at the trigger for certain events, the root, the initial spark; we only have to find the underlying cause of indemnity within the fractures of religions. The indigenous French are staunch Roman Catholics and the Algerians, Tunisians, Moroccans etc are Muslims.

Different religious groups of course can coexist within a so-called egalitarian society, however in France, the ghettos on the outskirts of cities and towns where the Untermensch are bundled into vast towers is proof that these forgotten disenfranchised people are deemed lesser than real French people. The French are some of the most racist people in the world, and some will admit their racism outwardly without issue, and others will keep the undercurrent simmering underneath the veneer of forced civility.

In reality, when there are vast chasms in disparity in groups then there will be violence, simply because the elastic band of hatred has been pulled too far back. These events are natural cyclical rituals which must be fulfilled to sate the gods of the respective religious and racially diverse groups fighting each other. France has a similar violent reaction as the Americans experience once in a while, yet here in the United Kingdom, not so much, possibly because the police are unarmed and lenient. Much like tectonic plates suddenly and violently snapping together, the earthquake of violence appears over time, only needing a single catalyst to release the pressure.

Humans are beasts that fear and misunderstand each other, these beasts roaming their supposed civilised cities and towns still predominantly believe in archaic myths and nonsensical unscientific tribal religions that only create hatred and animosity within this world. What is an organised religion other than a ball and chain from birth to some sort of tribe that was created by other men to soothe the thought of one day dying and as a supposed societal control system? Yes, you will go to heaven if you are good, and you will go to hell if you are bad — atone for your inherent sins, as you were born a sinner, and some guy who never existed, who could walk on water and turn water into wine will save you. Religions are borne from an almost slave-like praise of an unseen god who demands total control over the human and is watching and judging you all the time. This level of control over something that has no scientific basis in existence is possibly the greatest form of indoctrination ever released on the psyche of humanity.

Another key factor is that France is France, and the original Gauls have in effect been invaded by millions of North and Sub Saharan Africans. It is the colonial disease, and your silly EU Schengen system where free movement across borders means many things — almost all of them negative, and it all adds to the malaise.

The other silent factor is overpopulation. It is the silent ‘elephant in the room’ subject that no one dares to talk about, but is the underlying explanation for all of humanity’s current suffering. With overpopulation there is a marked increase in violence, terrorism, war, pollution, global warming, factory farming, desertification, flooding, societal devastation, ultimately leading to the entire destruction of the human species as all finite resources are used up, and the entire environment is destroyed. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and there is no turning back.

May the fires burn, as Macron dances the night away at Elton John concerts, one can only dream of the swine actually doing something about his bloated fractured country. Instead, he will continue to dance over the charred bones of those who find their pitiful lives intolerable, choosing to die fighting. It is the only way they can express themselves.

It is all a far cry from the good old days, eh…


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