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Gordon Brown Warns Against Mass Youth Unemployment Epidemic Caused by His...

London - England - Former prime minister, Gordon Brown, is warning the world's leaders about the unemployment explosion, and economic destruction amongst the young caused by his policies and insane spending sprees during his time in government.

Obama’s Job is Done

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Critics of Barack Hussein Obama say that he has created more discord, polarity, bankruptcy and hopelessness. They are right. That was his job in the first place.

U.S. to Mint Weimar Republic Dollars

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The Federal Reserve is going to change its currency to depict images from Germany's Weimar Republic, Timothy Geithner, secretary of the Treasury, has announced.

Fed Pumping Economy Like Crazy

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The Federal Reserve has started to pump away like a well oiled piston at the economies barren loins and is about to splurge with a massive wodge of cash snout sauce.

One Trillion Euros Now Worth About Thirty Bucks

ATHENS - Greece - Think of the Europeans. Now they have to carry around their currency in suitcases. The euro is now so devalued thanks to the euro debt crisis that many people have no room in their houses for the cash needed to buy everyday goods.

Obama Spotted Hiding in Woods From Goldman Sachs Creditors

NORTH CAROLINA - USA - President Barack Obama, who received $950,000 of campaign funding from the disgraced Goldman Sachs bank was spotted in a forest trying to escape creditors asking for their money back.

Obama Being Groomed to be Fall Guy President

HONOLULU - Hawaii - Barack Obama is being groomed to be the first black President of the United States of America. He is being instated to take the fall for George W Bush's disastrous tenure as President.

Banks to Diversify by Selling Groceries

LONDON - England - Hard hit banks are finding new ways to raise cash in these hard 'credit crunch' times.

Comrades Across World Welcome Centralized Economy

NEW YORK - USA - The final bell tolled today for capitalism as a new era was ushered in.

Monopoly Game Money Beats Weak US Dollar

WASHINGTON DC - The worldwide standard currency, the US Dollar, is now weaker than Monopoly money according to monetary analysts.

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