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Obama: "Why Disarming America is My Last Act As President"

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Obama plans on making his last act as president count the most -- disarming its heavily armed population once and for all.

“The UK population has been effectively disarmed by successive British governments, so it goes to reason that the US should have its population castrated and disarmed as well,” Johnny Bloom, an analyst for the Telia Think Tank wrote in a recent research paper.

Obama’s failed stimulus programs were hailed as wonderful ways of increasing the US debt mountain, on which he added his expensive healthcare initiative notching on a further $5 trillion of debt burden. Obama has been the biggest spender in the history of the United States. With two expensive wars raging on two fronts, and his pet projects, Obama was left with little or no money to pay the interest on US debts, let alone his country’s huge social security bills, so he asked for a debt ceiling increase. This was granted only after compromising the US AAA rating meaning America will have to pay a higher rate of interest on debt.

American Poor House

“There are no jobs, no industry and some guy comes in spending like a kid in a candy store. Obama plays 90 rounds of golf and takes 25 vacations a year, each costing taxpayers five to seven million dollars a pop. That’s not including his wife either, who spent $15 million on vacations in 2011 alone. She also has an unlimited credit card on the US taxpayer, so she’s been stocking up on all those goodies. We foot the bill on that. You over there, working in your backbreaking job polishing hubcaps for $6 an hour, you’re paying for Michelle Obama to live like Marie Antoinette wished she could have lived,” a Capitol Hill insider told the Washington Times.

“The truth is we’re broke. There’s no way we can pay back the trillions we owe to China, and I think China knows that too. When we don’t pay them their money, what’re they going to do then? We were OK bullying and desecrating small countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, but when it comes to the might of China, that’s when we shut up. We don’t like picking fights with countries that are equal or bigger than us, only countries that we can bully and conquer,” Johnson Fredericks, a Pentagon official told CBS.

A New Safe America

Obama in his second term will shift to the armed and dangerous American people in his urgency for disarmament.

“The people got guns, they need to be disarmed or we will have anarchy when the fiat currency based financial system collapses soon. This is why Obama’s TSA army will go house to house and disarm each household who has registered or illegal arms. The people will be monetarily compensated, and if they try and withhold the weapons, or hold illegal ones, they could be arrested. The people cannot be trusted anymore. It’s coming to a neighborhood near you soon, and your house, so be prepared to hand over your weapons,” Joel Finklestein, an Obama re-election campaigner said at a recent rally in Chicago.

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  1. EU provokes civil war in Ukraine.

    Arayik Sargsyan , Academician, President of the Academy of Geopolitics , Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia. According to media reports on the Ukrainian revolution , the U.S. government has allocated $ 3.4 billion through USAID listed in Kiev and Lviv. If you add the cost of Germany, Poland , France, the UK and Sweden , the amount to revolution easily overstep the mark of $ 5 billion. Many are active three months of protest actions , as are leaders Evromaydana V.Klichko , A.Yatsenyuk and O.Tyagnibok and opposition fighters who have made a small business during seasonal outage . In the big geopolitical game started strategists in London and Washington main goal – Russian and Crimean Tatars in the event of hostilities will only bargaining chip , cannon fodder Turkey and NATO. Probably soon lead the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers of the West and hirelings hold shift operation Yanukovich and holding new presidential elections , which would be provided to one of the opposition leaders. Such a turn finally split Ukraine apart, but this is what the henchmen seek EU and the U.S. , whose money is now actively involved in the Ukrainian revolution. In this rather strange that voices can not be heard to release Tymoshenko . It would seem that the slogan “Freedom to Yulia! ” Should be raised at the barricades of Kiev from the first days of confrontation. But no, it did not happen . Why ? Because Tymoshenko is a huge political counterweight Schuler Klitschko – Yatsenyuk – Tyahnibok that do not represent anything. Leaving today Tymoshenko to freedom , the revolution would have taken an entirely different scenario , where the presidential – parliamentary form of government changed to a parliamentary and regions would get more freedom in economic development than it is today . But as luck would Viktor Yanukovych Tymoshenko keeps under lock and key , not letting it change the course of history, and it is very strange. The fact that the President of Ukraine in the near future will be forced to leave his post , apparently for many obvious to him. Therefore, Viktor Yanukovych as often and effectively consult with representatives of the EU , which rudely pulls U.S. Deputy Secretary V.Nulland . Has the right ! http://www.ng.ru/cis/2014-02-21/7_merkel.html?id_user=Y


  2. US may provoke escalation of situation around Iran – expert. Arayik Sargsyan, academician, President of geopolitical academy. February 07, 2012 | 14:59 YEREVAN. – The U.S. may provoke escalation of situation around Iran, Vice-Chairman of the Russian Geopolitics Problems Academy Arayik Sargsyan said at a press conference on Tuesday. According to him, statements by the U.S. senior officials testify that information war is already in progress. Moreover, Iranian nuclear scientists and experts die, thus terrorist attacks are committed in the territory of the Islamic Republic. The expert believes there can be several scenarios of clashes: Saudi-Arabia-Iran, Turkey-Iran or Israel-Iran. “Will Israel attack Iran? Everyone expects provocations, not necessary in the Strait of Hormuz. It is possible to occur in the territory of the U.S. Something resembling 9/11, as a result Iranian special service will be blamed,” the expert said. As for the question if Azerbaijan will risk taking what it does not possess and launch the second Karabakh campaign, the expert did not rule out such possibility adding that Baku is openly speaking about Iranian territories.

  3. How much spent on defense is enough? Larger and better trained military forces will, somewhat naturally, expect their skills to be used someplace. An increased probablility of war is inevitable.

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