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Moody's in Bad Mood Again

CHICAGO - USA - It's the third time this month that Moody's has had a bad mood resulting in some serious downgrading actions.

Global Recession Finally Over Let the Good Times Roll

NEW YORK - USA - The global recession is finally over and millions of people around the world are celebrating the end of the largest recession in the world's history.

Obama: “Y’all Gonna Be Payin’ Tax Soon”

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Obama wants American millionaires to pay half their yearly income in tax, and is pushing for a more European model of overall taxation.

Ben Bernanke Worse than Gordon Brown

WASHINGTON DC - USA - US equities fell by another 8% Thursday after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke opened his mouth and spoke a few words at another meeting.

U.S. Can't Afford to Pay to Print More Money

WASHINGTON DC - USA - There are serious fears for the U.S economy today after it was revealed that there was not enough money to pay for paper to print more money for the economy.

Osborne Choking Life Out of Britain's Neck

LONDON - England - Chancellor George Osborne sees Britain as one big neck that he is choking to death with his bare hands, Treasury aides have told the BBC.

Obama's Birthday Wish Coming True

WASHINGTON DC - USA - As the Dow Jones Industrial Index dropped 513 points yesterday, and over 1,600 points in a week, president Barack Obama's 50th birthday wish was finally coming true -- the destruction of America.

Greece to Bailout U.S.

ATHENS - Greece - Greek finance minister, Vasili Archimalakas, has offered the United States a helping hand in their dire time of need.

Government Takes U-Turn into Cul-De-Sac

LONDON - England - David Cameron's socialist coalition government has taken another U-turn but this time it's stuck in a cul-de-sac.

"Abandon Ship, Abandon Ship!"

LONDON - England - The good ship UK plc is going under, as thousands of people abandon these hallowed shores before the whole lot goes down.

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