Good News For World's Stock Markets

LONDON - England - There has been some good news about the world economy.

The good news coming from the economy has made the world’s stocks rise to unprecedented levels.

“We are trying to find the good news that caused this massive rise to the upside, and when we do we will tell you all about it,” Dan Shearing, Investment Analyst, at Dean Saunders Investment House in the City told Reuters.

The world’s media have also been excited by the massive increase in stockmarket values across the globe and have been talking up the move.

“Everyday if we talk up the stockmarket maybe we might bring it the f*ck up. You know how we keep talking about good news and the bloody thing spreads around the world and people get f*cking happy again. I find it quite cathartic actually seeing the good news travel around at breakneck speed and the world’s stockmarkets shooting up and up and up. Let’s do this more often. Next one who brings out a bit of bad news is a moron,” chief editor of the Financial Times, Lawrence Banda, said from his London office.

The good news kept coming again and again today, in fact it was relentless and the markets just kept thrusting up and up.