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Brokers Make $4 Buy Recommendation For Facebook

NEW YORK - USA - Finally some good news for NASDAQ listed social networking company, Facebook, as brokers are now recommending a $4 buy price.

“Four bucks a share is just about right, but even then I might be cautious about splashing out too much. First, one has to assess if there is any kind of support because the share could still be falling like a rock. Anyway, we’re suggesting a $4 buy for Facebook,” market analyst and CEO of Dean Winters Stockbrokers in New York told the Wall Street Journal.

Many other brokers are also recommending the same price range for a buy of the social networking company.

“I shorted this thing from $39 and I’ll be cashing my chips in at $4,” a very rich trader revealed on Facebook today.

As for Mark Zuckerberg, he was in his chicken coop plucking some more chickens today and did not make any comment to the broker recommendations.

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